Co-Hosts of “The View” think Dem Cunningham’s Sexting Scandal will not matter in key NC Senate Race

Discussing the sexting scandal of Democrat Senate candidate Cal Cunningham in the key North Carolina Senate race, co-hosts of “The View” all agreed it likely will not matter, arguing President Trump has lowered the bar and these types of scandals don’t matter nowadays.

Joy Behar argued “Well after the 200..thousands of sex scandals we’ve been privy to with Donald Trump, this is almost like a children’s puppet show….and by the way nobody is thinking about sex right now. If George Clooney walked into my house naked right now, i’d say ‘George put on a mask.’ That’s where were at right now. I don’t think anybody cares about these things anymore.”

Sara Haines agreed, saying “I would have to agree with Joy that with what we’ve seen, I feel that the bar has been lower…or raised? one of the two…”

Sunny Hostin also agrees, saying Cunningham opponent Republican Thom Tillis getting coronavirus “in my view takes precedence.”


Cal Cunningham has apologized to family of friends, admitting the texts to a married woman were his.