WATCH: Co-hosts of “The View” defend Meghan Markle, urge Queen, royal staff to apologize to her

Co-hosts of “The View” defended Meghan Markle and urged the Queen and royal staff to apologize to her.

Sunny Hostin said “I’m really shocked that rather than trying to mend this rift, rather than supporting Meghan and Harry, who I think removed his wife and his family from England because of the terrible racial hatred that she was subjected to… I’m just surprised that they haven’t tried to even apologise for not protecting her more, and instead do this.”

“It’s a very obvious oppo-dump on Meghan Markle,” added Meghan McCain “Right now they’re trying to make Meghan Markle look really, really bad, including accusing her of wearing diamond earrings that were gifted her by the Prince of Saudi Arabia after Jamal Khashoggi was murdered. And these are all facts that, I guess, known for many years — why are they coming out right now?”