CNN’s Tapper tweets “Bye Felicia” meme at Kayleigh McEnany during Twitter feud

Saturday, White House Press Secretary Jake Tapper wrote to Kayleigh McEnany after she praised WH aide Stephen Miller “One of the kindest people in the administration” seems a bit much for a guy who – per senior WH source – helped push child-separation, wanted the campaign to smear Kamala Harris with birtherism and is regarded by WH colleagues as a straight up racist.”

McEnany then fired back at Tapper and wrote “Jake Tapper of CNN was humiliated by Stephen Miller on live television. He hasn’t forgotten it! “Reporter” @jaketapper was also unable to get a single source on the record. Stephen is a class act, a bold leader in the conservative movement & Jake knows it!”

Tapper then responded with a “Bye Felicia” meme with “Felicia” spelled wrong.