CNN’s S.E. Cupp “I think what we’re seeing is the president losing it”

Monday, CNN Contributor S.E. Cupp claimed President Trump is “not healthy” and accused him of “losing it.”

S.E. Cupp:

I think we should say, this has long gone past offensive, and distasteful. I think what we’re seeing is the president losing it. I don’t think the president’s behavior is that of a healthy, stable, balanced person, that he can’t spend all of his energy, efforts and attention on this global pandemic, on securing the physical and economic safety and health of this country is very alarming.

Instead, devolving down these rabbit holes of conspiracy theories, baseless conspiracy theories as you pointed out, attacking women for their looks and their weight, you know, threatening governors, one in Michigan for mail-in voting, another in North Carolina for not guaranteeing a full house at the RNC. This is not how a healthy controlled person would behave at all, let alone during a pandemic, and on a weekend meant to honor the memories of our fallen soldiers. I think it’s time for us to just call this what it is. The president is not well.

…I say this is beyond offensive, because of course it’s offensive, it’s grotesque, it’s not healthy behavior to do that. It’s not helping him. It’s not helping his own cause politically. I saw some members of his own party in Congress tweeting at him. Please stop doing this.

This is not helpful. This is not productive. So there’s no good reason why he’s acting this way, which leads me to believe, I think what anyone can plainly see is obvious, that he’s not healthy and not well and at the worst possible time for our country to have someone in charge who cannot master basic control and discipline to focus on this incredibly serious task at hand.