CNN’s Cuomo Tweets Trump Base is “Mostly Middle Aged, Angry White Males”

CNN’s Chris Cuomo recently took to social media to discuss Democrats’ decision whether or not to proceed with an attempt at impeaching President Trump, and in the process insulted Trump supporters nationwide.

When a social media commenter suggested Trump wouldn’t be bothered if Democrat “goons” moved forward with impeachment proceedings, Cuomo replied, suggesting the president’s supporters are “mostly middle aged, angry white males.”

Cuomo went on to speculate as to whether an attempt to remove Trump from office would galvanize “younger-than-boomers voters,” as well as other voters who remain on the fence.

“Of course, this could just come down to doing the job Congress must do,” added Cuomo.

Trump supporters did not appreciate the CNN anchor’s remarks, and quickly took to social media to reply, letting Cuomo know that his comments certainly didn’t apply to them.