CNN’s Brian Stelter Reacts to Trump NOT Throwing a WH “Media Christmas Party”

Considering President Trump has had one of the most contentious relationships with the mainstream media in Presidential history, it’s no wonder why he would not throw a “White House Christmas Party” for the Media.

White House correspondent, New York Times tweeted:

The canceling of the WH media christmas party was a story last year, and now it’s just gone and it’s not even a thing, like the press briefing and the NYT/WaPo subscriptions.

CNN’s Brian Stelter replied “It’s still a thing to me.”

Jennifer Rubin, who is anti-Trump, replied “Who the f— cares about the party? Please people, get a grip”

Stelter got roasted by multiple other Twitter users for appearing to sound bitter or disappointed, some sharing memes.

One Twitter user pointed out the obvious to Stelter, tweeting:

Why would he want to sit with ppl that work hard to smear him

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