CNN’s Acosta ripped after sharing photo of President, writing “Trump did not stop for questions”

Friday afternoon, CNN’s Jim Acosta posted a photo of President Trump on the way to Walter Reed Medical Center via Marine Force One.

The CNN host known for his contentious exchanges with the President added “Trump did not stop for questions.”

Several Trump supporters responded, not appreciating the sentiment.

JT Lewis replied “Could have something to do with the fact that he has Coronavirus…”

He added “Jim Acosta tweeted this hoping to get people worked up and… it worked.”

Kelb Hull replied “Jim, are you not aware that he has COVID-19 orrrr?”

Robby Starbuck replied “Uh yeah he’s sick you moron. Beyond that if he stopped for questions you’d call for attempted murderer charges. ”

Buzz Patterson replied “He is going to the hospital to be treated for COVID-19. He owes you absolutely nothing. What a disgrace of a tweet.”