CNN Under Fire After Changing Headline from “Democrats Block” to “Senate at Stalemate”

DailyCaller reports a CNN headline was the subject of a quick-change Thursday — a headline that appeared critical of Senate Democrats was edited within an hour to be less critical.

The story, posted by CNN after the Senate reached a stalemate over a boost to the small business coronavirus relief program, detailed the competing proposals put forward by Democrats and Republicans.

The original headline read, “Democrats Block GOP-Led Funding Boost For Small Business Aid Program.”

But less than an hour later, the headline had been changed to read, “Senate at Stalemate Over More COVID-19 Aid After Republicans And Democrats Block Competing Proposals.”

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Here are some of the responses and backlash CNN is receiving.


Matt Dornic of CNN offered the following explanation:

I understand it’s more fun for you to ignore the facts but here you go: we published a story based on the Dems blocking the GOP small biz bill. Then it was updated and headline changed when the GOP blocked the Dems’ proposal. It’s a developing story. But you know that.

This statement also sparked backlash.