CNN sheds nearly 90% of 2021 audience while Fox News Soars

It certainly appears Fox News is soaring while CNN is tanking.

Per Fox “Fox News Channel kicked off the new year as the No. 1 basic cable network from Jan. 3-9, 2022, as CNN saw staggering declines, shedding nearly 90% of its early 2021 audience in multiple categories. ”

“CNN averaged 2.7 million viewers from Jan. 4-10 last year as the network experienced a brief post-election spike but plummeted to only 548,000 average viewers last week, for a stunning year-over-year drop of 80% of its total audience,” the report continues.

“During the same time periods, Fox News averaged 1.4 million total viewers last week for only a 15% drop compared to the first full week of 2021, when a jam-packed news cycle that included the Capitol riot ensued. Fox News has now outdrawn CNN and MSNBC combined for 21 straight weeks. Fox also outdrew NFL-heavy ESPN’s 1.1 million viewers to finish as the most-watched basic cable option,” the report adds.

CNN has faced a number of devastating controversies as well.

Chris Cuomo was permanently fired after multiple controversies including how he helped his brother, former Gov. Cuomo find info on women who accused him of sexual harassment.

In addition, longtime CNN producer John griffin has been hit with a $15 million dollar lawsuit.

He is accused of ‘despicable acts’ with children that includes “horrific sexual abuse” and sexual exploitation.”

“For several years prior to 2020, the defendant solicited young girls, including the minor plaintiff, for the purpose of knowingly persuading, inducing, enticing and coercing them to engage in sexual activity, sexual exploitation, and/or sexual trafficking,” Fox News reports.

Griffin was charged by a grand jury in Vermont “with three counts of using a facility of interstate commerce to attempt to entice minors to engage in unlawful sexual activity.”