CNN reporter mocked after accusing “Right-wing media” of “Biden bash-fest”

CNN reporter Oliver Darcy was mocked on social media after accusing “Right-wing media” of holding a “Biden bash-fest.”

Darcy writes in his piece “on Fox News Wednesday night, the network decided against airing most of the “Celebrating America” inauguration special — which every other network carried — opting to instead allow propagandists like Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity to deliver fiery anti-Biden sermons.”

He adds “Hannity raged against Biden, bashing his inaugural address — which received bipartisan praise and which Hannity’s colleague Chris Wallace, a top anchor at Fox, said was “the best” inaugural speech he had “ever heard” — as “truly unremarkable” and saying it “sounded like an uninspired student council speech.”

Here was some of the reaction to Darcy’s piece on Twitter.

“I have houseplants that have more self-awareness than CNN.”

“CNN self reflection score:”