CNN Pundit Admits Media Needs to Stop “Gaslighting” and Admit “NO COLLUSION”

Speaking on Thursday following the release of the Mueller report, which ultimately cleared President Trump of collusion and obstruction allegations, CNN commenter Mary Katharine Ham called out the media for its coverage, accusing the press of “gaslighting” Americans.

“I hope nobody missed ‘leg day,’ because carrying these goalposts, they’re going to be very heavy if you want to do it for the next 18 months,” Ham said, calling the media’s role in continuously pushing the narrative “an operation in gaslighting.”

Later in the day, Ham took to social media to again call continued insistence that “collusion” occurred “nonsense gaslighting,” adding, “Stop.”

In the wake of the Mueller report, Democrats and mainstream media pundits have reacted in outrage and disbelief that special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe, which lasted nearly 3 years and cost approximately $35 million, vindicated Trump.