CNN publishes article “Everyday words and phrases that have racist connotations”

A new article published by Scottie Andrews and Harmeet Kaur on CNN is titled “Everyday words and phrases that have racist connotations.”

According to the article phrases like “Master bedroom,” “peanut gallery” and even the Golf “Master’s tournament” have racist connotations.

Per CNN:

The Masters Tournament: It’s one of the four major tournaments on the PGA tour and is usually called simply, “the Masters.”

The history of the name goes back to 1934, when the tournament was first held at Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia. Clifford Roberts, one of the co-founders, wanted to call the event the “Masters Tournament,” according to the tournament’s website. But co-founder Bobby Jones rejected the idea over concerns that it was too “presumptuous.”

Roberts finally got his way in 1939. The name appears to have been a reference to golfers with great skills, but its connotations have brought the name under scrutiny.

Deadspin sportswriter Rob Parker recently called on the tournament to change its name.

Parker argues the name evokes slave masters in the US South, especially given the history of the golf course where it’s held.

The piece is being widely mocked on social media.

Brandon Morse wrote:

So the word “master” is a slave related term no matter what now? Master clock, Master Chief, Quartermaster, Headmaster, Masterpiece, Remaster, Mastery, and Master of Puppets all have to go now? This is stupid. The term “master” is a general term for “in charge” or “the top.”

Here are some other replies.

“1984 is not an instruction manual.”

“I’m getting the distinct vibe that only white liberals are offended by any of these.”

“Speaking for *most* black people when I say.. We don’t care about phrases, change something real. That’s it”

“Well every company wants to be “in the black”. Sure beats the red”