WATCH: CNN “Instant Poll” Result Has Biden as the Big Debate Winner

A CNN “instant poll” of debate viewers had Joe Biden as the clear debate winner.

The poll had 60% say Biden won the debate compared to only 28% who said Trump won the debate.

Some keen social media users noticed the margin was shockingly similar to their 2016 poll showing 62% had Hillary Clinton winning the September 26, 2016 debate compared to 27% for Trump.

Steven Dennis tweeted:

NOTE: The winner of the CNN first debate instant poll has won the election just *once* in the past 5 elections.*

*In the Electoral College.

They are 3 of 5 in the popular vote.

In addition, in the category of “Who was more truthful in his answers” Biden received 65% compared to Trump’s 29% according to the CNN post-debate poll.