CNN Host S.E. Cupp Mocked After Claiming Trump Will Demand a Third Term

Anti-Trump Republican CNN Host S.E. Cupp tweeted a warning that President Trump will demand a third term as President due to his “autocratic impulses.”

While President has indeed joked about staying President beyond 2 terms, there has never been any real indication he’s been serious about this.

Of course there was this video, where Trump joked about staying President “4EVA.”

The replies to S.E. Cupp were mostly negative.

Ron Coleman wrote “You should be far more bothered by the fact that those same voters elected Bill DeBlasio as mayor twice”

Martha Durham wrote “Sounds like an admission Trump will win 2020.”

Mary Westlake wrote “I’m happy to see you’re finally admitting he will be re-elected next year to a second term”

John Betts wrote “What we need to beware of in this country are Totalitarian Leftists and their Lapdog MSM Allies who try to convince us that the good guys are the bad guys, and the bad guys are the good guys.”

Kambree Kawahine Koa wrote “No no no no. The media talking point is back to Russia. You’re ahead of schedule”

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