CNN host calls Trump leaving hospital a “publicity stunt” in clash with Trump adviser

While having Trump campaign adviser Jason Miller on as a guest, CNN host Ana Cabrera immediately set the tone of the interview by asking “why did the President leave the hospital for this publicity stunt?”

Jason Miller send Trump was feeling good yesterday and even better today and “it’s good to see him on the mend, good to see him on the rebound.”

Miller explains Trump wanted to show folks he’s fighting “as a sign of gratitude.”

Later in the contentious interview, Cabrera told Miller “He’s been downplaying the virus, and let’s just be honest: Let’s call a spade a spade. He hasn’t worn a mask every time, he’s been holding these rallies without social distancing, without most of the people in the crowd wearing masks.”

“Even as he goes out there, he’s not taking the simple precautions that could save lives,” Cabrera then cut Miller off and said “Jason, let’s be clear: the president is in the hospital right now because he contracted the virus and he has put himself at risk by conducting the business the way he has.”