CNN Guest Who Mocked Trump Supporters Speaks Out, Won’t Apologize

Wajahat Ali, who became famous overnight for mocking supporters as dumb hillbilly’s who can’t read, spell or use a map has spoken out on the controversy via his Twitter account.

In case you missed it, Ali and Rick Wilson made Don Lemon laugh so hard they cried by mocking Trump supporters while using fake Hillbilly accents.

The GOP has already turned the moment into an ad titled “They think you’re a joke.”


Here are some of Ali’s tweets responding to the controversy.

Fan Mail.

Trump tweeted our CNN clip from 2 days ago. Friends are now concerned about my safety. I refuse to be intimidated & bullied by bad faith actors who cry fake victimhood, whining about a harmless, silly 30 second clip while endorsing Trump, a cruel vulgarian who debases everyone.

To all those people messaging me to “go back to my country.” Thank you. I appreciate the suggestions. Unfortunately, like most, I can’t afford the Bay Area rent any longer. Thankfully, this is something that can unite most of Americans regardless of politics. .

Responding to Ivanka Trump:

Nope. Only those that should know better but still celebrate & excuse the regular vulgarity, cruelty & racism of your father and his Administration. You too can stand up for the female journalists that Pompeo mocked and for geography. Enjoy your Chinese trademarks.

Responding to Adam Trahan:

Beautiful. That was poetic. We agree. You took the words out of my mouth to describe a lot of the “economic anxiety” and faux outrage demonstrated by some of the hardcore Trump cultists.

I would love to see Trump point out Israel and Palestine on Pompeo’s map..

Final response to all the warm & lovely MAGA messages.

1. I’ll gladly go back to my country if you can pay my mortgage in the Bay Area.
2. Thank you. Smelling like curry means I’m delicious.
3. “You’re an idiot” not “your.”
4. My daughter is a bundle of joy who will live & love.

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