CNN Guest says Trump’s pardon say to his allies “go be violent, go abuse the rule of law, and you could be forgiven”

Appearing on CNN, former Department of Homeland Security official Juliette Kayyem reacted to President Trump’s announcement of 15 pardons Tuesday.

Kayyem sharply rebuked the move, saying “I’m focused on the Blackwater and Customs and Border Protection ones. To me those say to the military, to contractors, to law enforcement, to people who may be radicalized by the president’s talk, his unwillingness to have a peaceful transition, go be violent, go abuse the rule of law, and you could be forgiven.”

She continued “In some ways I get the political ones because he’s so corrupt from the beginning. These to me are scary because the Blackwater ones, in particular, are about, you know, basically, you know, killing Iraqi civilians. This is what he’s approving and applauding, that sort of abuse of power is something that Trump has always applauded. He’s always liked it in law enforcement and the military and now he’s giving it carte blanche.”

“That’s the one that I’m looking at a little know, I can only be disappointed so much, but let’s just say 29 days can’t come soon enough,” she added.