CNN guest claims history will see this time as Trump’s “bigoted” America vs. Obama’s America of “justice”

Appearing as a guest on CNN, Presidential historian Douglas Brinkley claimed history will see this time as Trump’s “bigoted” America vs. Obama’s America of “justice”

Brinkley said “Barack Obama was so careful with his words, but it’s frightening. He’s talking about democracy being chiselled away right in front of our very eyes right now. The interview really reminded me that history is going to look at our time as the battle between Barack Obama’s vision of America and Donald Trump’s.”

“It used to be for a while when Jimmy Carter became governor of Georgia and then president, it was about the New South of Jimmy Carter,” he continued “And then Bill Clinton won twice in Arkansas, we’ve had George W. Bush and McCain and Romney and the Republicans. None of it really matters anymore, it’s really become a decision about whether you believe in Donald Trump’s bigoted, prejudiced, McCarthyite vision of stopping immigration and becoming a sort of fortress America or you are going to be part of that arc of that bends — of justice that Barack Obama spoke about so eloquently as president.”

Brinkley later declared “we seem to be going backwards right now into a kind of neofascism, a states’ right spasm, and it’s coming largely out of the red states in the south, So it’s nerve-wracking, and the thought that with social media being part of this, people are, as Obama said in their own media silos, people are getting false information and are coming to conspiracy theories run amok.”