CNN Editor deletes laughably incorrect tweet estimating pandemic deaths needed for herd immunity

Kyle Feldscher, breaking news editor for CNN deleted a tweeted and apologized after several pointed out the math of his original tweet was blatantly wrong and amounted to coronavirus misinformation.

Kyle’s original, now deleted tweet incorrectly claimed:

There are approximately 328.2 million people in the US.

To get to the low end of herd immunity, about 60% of the population must catch Covid. That’s about 196,920,000 cases. The current US death rate is about 2.96%

So that’s 5,836,679 deaths necessary for herd immunity.

Former NY Times Reporter Alex Berenson blasted Feldscher for a blatantly incorrect interpretation of the statistics, amounting to pandemic misinformation.

Feldscher wrote:

Fact check: you can’t be this dumb.

Even if the herd immunity estimate of 60% is right (it’s wrong), this CNN doesn’t know the difference between reported cases and actual infections, which are 10x as high. So his estimate is off by a factor of at least 10x (likely much more)…

That’s assuming the current reported death number is right (it’s not, it’s high, inflated by six months of lockdown and six weeks of iatrogenic deaths, we just don’t know how many). But that’s just icing on the CNN cake.

But hey, we’re only six months into nonstop media coverage of the ro, how can a blue-check be expected to understand the difference between CFR and IFR?

Another Twitter user, Zac Bissonette, said he also pointed out the blatant error and said he politely pointed out the error to Kyle Feldscher.

Instead of thanking Zac, the CNN Breaking News Editor blocked him from messaging, according to Bissonenette.

Wednesday, Kyle admitted his error and deleted his original tweet.

Alex Berenson told Fox News “I’m glad he deleted the tweet. If only CNN could go back and delete the last six months of nonstop panic porn… But it’s a start.”