CNN Contributor Warns She’s “Blocking” Everyone Who Says the Barron Comment Was Wrong

Joan Walsh, who describes herself as a National Affairs Correspondent for the Nation and CNN political contributor warned she’s “blocking” everyone who says “the Barron Trump comment was wrong.”

Democrat witness Pamela Karlan sparked outrage earlier today when she chose to joke about 13 year old Barron Trump. She later “apologized” but also laced her apology with criticism of President Trump.

Walsh is not the only liberal on Twitter to apparently lack understanding that dragging a 13 year old child to make a political point isn’t right.

Jena Friedman wrote “The fake Baron controversy is bulls**t, everyone is insane. In other news, I deleted all my tweets.”

Amy Goldstein Zern agreed with Walsh, writing “I hear you. The actual comment was entirely appropriate.”

LGBTQ activist Charlotte Clymer wrote:

Folks, if you seriously believe Prof. Pamela Karlan was attacking Barron Trump with that line, you need to take an aspirin and go to sleep for the night. Try again tomorrow

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