CNN Contributor Suggests Witness Who Joked About Barron Should be on the Supreme Court

Liberal Joan Walsh, who describes herself on her Twitter bio as National Affairs Correspondent, The Nation, CNN political contributor and author of “What’s the Matter With White People?” thinks Stanford professor Pamela Karlan, who sparked outrage when she joked about Barron Trump during the impeachment hearing, should be on the Supreme Court.

Walsh tweeted:

Let’s be honest: In a just world Pamela Karlan would be on the Supreme Court and not having to decide whether to apologize for a quip about the faux-aristocratic name of the president’s son, who indeed deserves all of our well wishes.

Joan Walsh also warned she’s “blocking” everyone who says “the Barron Trump comment was wrong.”

Ironically, Pamela Karlan herself apologized for the comment, so apparently the person Walsh is trying to defend is among those thinking the comment was “somehow wrong.”


Walsh has been accused of Total Hypocrisy and the Daily Caller put together a compilation video of Walsh calling those who protested against Obama “un-American” while praising those who protested against Trump as heroic.


Walsh was sharply critical of President Trump over a joke about Melania Trump making salads, calling it sexist.

Walsh said “It seems to be the President will not be happy until there is not one single female Republican voter in the country” while on CNN with Erin Burnett.


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