CNN Brings on Guest Historian Who Compares Trump to “Outlaws” Al Capone and Billy the Kid

CNN invited a Presidential Historian to give his take on President Trump in a segment with Wolf Blitzer and Jake Tapper.

Douglas Brinkley then went on to bizarrely compare President Trump to Al Capone and Billy The Kid, claiming he’s an “outlaw president.”

Douglas Brinkley:

We always are trying to compare presidents to each other, but we haven’t had an outlaw president before, and that’s what you have with Donald Trump, and incidentally, outlaws in American history get their fans, Billy the Kid or Al Capone, and Donald Trump may be in that swirl.

But he’s going to be seen as acting in a demagogic way and acting in a dictatorial way, trying to smash the foreign policy establishment, diss intelligence gatherers, operating in a whole new way of an imperial presidency that we couldn’t have imagined, so it’s very important that Donald Trump was held accountable. 


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