CNN Analyst Names “Obama” as One of the “Losers” of the Dem Debate

In an article titled “Winners and losers from the second night of the CNN debate,” CNN analyst Chris Cillizza named ex-President Obama as one of the night’s “losers.”

Cillizza puts Cory Booker, Tulsi Gabbard, Julian Castro and Joe Biden (which he clarifies as “barely”) in the win column.

Cillizza’s losers include Kamala Harris and Obama who

Aside from Biden, there weren’t a lot of defenders on the stage of the eight years the last Democratic president spent in the White House. That was obviously a conscious choice to attempt to rob Biden of taking credit for the accomplishments of the Obama administration. But take a step back: Obama remains hugely popular among base Democratic voters. It struck me as a very strange that no one on stage not named “Joe Biden” said something like this: “Look, I love Barack Obama and admire what he did in the White House. But Joe Biden isn’t Barack Obama.” Or something like that. (Castro, it’s worth noting, did praise Obama’s handling of the economy — and got cheered by the crowd!)

Per TheHill, MSNBC “Morning Joe” anchor Joe Scarborough on Wednesday night slammed 2020 Democratic presidential candidates, saying they were spending more time attacking former President Obama’s policies than President Trump during the second round of primary debates.

“These candidates are attacking Barack Obama’s policy positions more than Donald Trump,” Scarborough, a former GOP congressman who left the Republican Party to become an independent, said on Twitter. “That is politically stupid and crazy.”

The comments from Scarborough, a frequent Trump critic, came as a cadre of Democratic presidential candidates targeted policies that former Vice President Joe Biden helped oversee during the Obama administration.