CNN Analyst on Virus Pandemic “This Wouldn’t Have Happened if Hillary Clinton Had Won”

In a new Op-Ed, self described CFR fellow, WaPo columnist, and CNN analyst argues the Coronavirus crisis would not have happened if Hillary Clinton was President.

Max Boot shared his Op-Ed and tweeted:

I weep in anger and frustration imagining what might have been if Hillary Clinton had won.

We couldn’t have avoided the coronavirus, but we could have ameliorated its effects.

We could be South Korea (102 deaths) rather than Italy (4,825+ deaths)

Not everyone agreed. Here are some of the many responses.

Would she have handled it as well as the foundation handled Haiti

Your mind is infected with stage 4 Trump-related neuroparasitic Coronavirus. Drop the tribal hate, schmuck. We face a common enemy and it’s not Trump.

She would have blamed it on a Youtube video

lmfao. Clinton would have been overwhelmed by the gravity of the assignment.

Remember how she handled Benghazi. Utter disgrace.

Remember how she failed to publicly appear the night of the 2016 election.

I hope one day, the Clinton political dynasty comes to an complete end.

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