Clyburn on Trump “this man is trying to ignite a race war in this country”

During a recent interview with the Post and Courier, House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn called President Trump “an unadulterated racist” and claimed “this man is trying to ignite a race war in this country.”

Post and Courier reports U.S. House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn accused President Donald Trump of deliberately fanning flames of racial tension Wednesday as protests against police brutality continued to erupt around the country.

“In all my public life, I have never put the racist label on anybody until now,” Clyburn said in an interview with The Post and Courier. “He is an unadulterated racist.”

Clyburn, the third-ranking House Democrat and highest-ranking African American in Congress, said he first came to view Trump as racist years ago, when he called Omarosa Manigault, an African American aide of his who resigned, “a dog.”

But he added that Trump’s recent comments in response to nationwide protests, encouraging governors to act aggressively and “dominate,” had further intensified his opposition to the president.

He also slammed Trump for directing law enforcement to clear out protesters from a park in front of the White House using smoke, flash grenades and force so that he could take a photo in front of a nearby historic church on Monday.

“What I’ve seen him do in the last several days, this man is trying to ignite a race war in this country,” Clyburn said.

In a series of tweets Wednesday, Trump claimed that he had made more progress for African Americans in his first term in office than his Democratic opponent Joe Biden had done in over four decades of public service.

“I’ve done more for Black Americans, in fact, than any President in U.S. history, with the possible exception of another Republican President, the late, great, Abraham Lincoln…and it’s not even close,” Trump tweeted.