Cleveland Browns QB says he’ll kneel during the national anthem this season

Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield has indicated he will kneel during the national anthem this upcoming season.

Mayfield posted a Instagram video showing him working out and getting ready for the season.

One fan commented “Please tell Browns fans you’re not going to be kneeling this season.” Mayfield replied “pull your head out. I absolutely am.”

Per USAToday, President Donald Trump has been highly critical of this practice, saying it disrespects the flag and the country. He weighed in on Goodell’s statement late Sunday night, seemingly questioning it for giving players a blessing of sorts to protest during the anthem if they so choose.

Trump said on Twitter: “Could it be even remotely possible that in Roger Goodell’s rather interesting statement of peace and reconciliation, he was intimating that it would now be O.K. for the players to KNEEL, or not to stand, for the National Anthem, thereby disrespecting our Country & our Flag?”

June 5th, Roger Goodell released the following video: