Clay Travis says US women’s soccer team have lost popularity because “woke sports destroys everything it touches”

Monday, Clay Travis of Outkick tweeted “The US Women’s Soccer team just lost to Canada and many enjoyed the loss. In 2015 the US women were one of the most popular teams in American history.”

“What happened?” he asked. “Woke sports destroys everything it touches,” Travis answered.

He continued by adding:

The US women had a golden opportunity to wax eloquent about American exceptionalism on a global stage. After all, one primary reason our women dominate soccer is because most women around the world lack basic human rights. Instead, they ripped America.

Instead of holding America up to the world as a shining example of equality & opportunity for women around the world, they tore us down. Many American sports fans will never forget this. The result? I’ve never seen a team squander more love & goodwill in my life as a sports fan.

Last year the U.S. Soccer women’t team put out a video support the BLM movement and wore BLM jerseys.

“We wear Black Lives Matter to affirm human decency. This is not political, it’s a statement on human rights,” the team wrote.