Chuck Woolery Fires Back at Critics of Trump Pardoning Roger Stone “I’m so sick of this”

Actor Chuck Woolery is not impressed by the many critics in Hollywood and the Democrat party of President Trump pardoning Roger Stone.

Woolery tweeted:

We all watched Clapper lie to congress and……….Noting. But Roger Stone? I’m so sick of this and Leland Virttert FOX.

Woolery later added:

Roger Stone is obviously the biggest threat to our Republic? Get real.

Moment earlier Woolery blasted Democrats and Joe Biden, writing:

Democrats and their media darlings are in a constant state of hysteria. These are the people who want to run our country? Not on any day.

Ya know when you stop and think about it, Joe Biden is the perfect candidate for the Democrats. Everything about him reflects who they are.

Old, tired, Slow, ineffective yet cunning, has no grasp of reality, a false bio, 50 years of no accomplishments for the people. Perfect.