Chuck Todd, Bai Compare Coronavirus for Trump to Carter’s Iran Hostage Crisis

During Sunday’s “Meet the Press” host Chuck Todd and guest Matt Bai compared coronavirus for Trump to Jimmy Carter’s Iran hostage Crisis that contributed to him losing his re-election campaign to Ronald Reagan.

Chuck Todd:

Matt, you and I were talking about it before the break. What the Iran hostage crisis was to the final year of Carter’s presidency, not his fault but it’s a test in real-time. This is what this seems to be for Trump

Matt Bai:

It’s one thing when all the Republicans in Washington say, he says some crazy stuff on tax policy or this or that, but we’ve got it handled.

It’s a different thing when the President is out there leading publicly in a crisis like this and people are seeing it in real-time, taking their cues from it.


There is even – There is a certain capacity for chaos in American voters. They don’t like chaos, they don’t like uncertainty, the markets don’t like it, the voters don’t like it, we don’t like it in our daily lives. I’m frankly surprised that the exhaustion from that chaos has been as slow in coming as it has in the American public, but this does hold the potential if it goes badly to become a kind of Jimmy Carter-like scenario where the public just says, “can’t wake up with this anxiety every day. We’ve got to have some kind of leadership.”


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