Christie: This Was An Obama Admin That Politicized And Weaponized The DOJ

RCP reports Former N.J. Gov. Chris Christie spoke about his and President Trump’s allegations about the Obama administration’s Justice Department, in response to a total denial from former Obama chief of staff Rahm Emanuel during ABC’s “This Week” political roundtable.

CHRIS CHRISTIE: Well, let me give Rahm a little lesson since he invoked my U.S. Attorney days. The first thing is you don’t do is allow FBI agents to conduct themselves in the way in the way these folks did.

RAHM EMANUEL: I hope I passed the bar.

CHRIS CHRISTIE: The fact of the matter is, you don’t allow — you don’t allow FBI agents to conduct themselves in this way. You don’t allow them to go in there and set a perjury trap, which is what they did.

I’ve said all along that Mike Flynn is wrong for having to lie to the vice president. I don’t know how he explains that, he has to explain that to Mike Pence himself. But what we’re seeing here and believe me, I’ve been a victim of it and people in my administration have been a victim of it. This is an Obama Justice Department led by Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch, that politicized and weaponized the Justice Department. They did it.

The Supreme Court just reversed what happened to my administration, 9-0. Mike Flynn now will have this matter dismissed. George, what we’re looking at here, and Rahm, is prosecutorial and investigative misconduct, and that misconduct needs to be investigated in exactly the same way with the same measure that Mike Flynn was investigated, that Bob Mueller investigated all of the people in Russia, that Ukraine was investigated. Prosecutorial misconduct is an awful, awful thing because of the power of the federal government.

GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: Chris, I want to bring in Yvette in, but Chris, prosecutorial misconduct that’s your argument. I do have to press you on one point, the president keeps saying that it was President Obama who committed a crime, is there any evidence whatsoever anywhere that President Obama committed a crime here?

CHRIS CHRISTIE: Listen, George, at this point, we don’t know what all the evidence is, we don’t know happened in that January 5th meeting. So, you know, everyone wanted to rush to judgment during the Russia investigation, everyone wanted to rush to judgment during the Ukraine investigation, we shouldn’t rush to judgment as to the things that we don’t yet know and what the president’s involvement was, what the vice president’s involvement. Let’s have John Durham do the investigation and let’s come to a fair conclusion. The American people want a fair investigation. Nobody on either side