Chrissy Teigan Busted Using Goya Products After Claiming She’d Boycott

Chrissy Teigan is getting blasted on Twitter for using Goya products after claiming she’d boycott over the CEO’s praise for President Trump.

Teigan tweeted on July 10 “F*********K. A shame. Don’t care how good the beans taste though. Bye bye.”

One Twitter user shared a screenshot of Teigan using a Goya product in her oxtail stew and wrote “Hey @chrissyteigen what happened to boycotting Goya? Lmfao Your so lame.”

Another shared another screenshot of Teigan clearly still having a can of Goya peas and wrote “It’s 4 am and I still can’t stand Chrissy .. All that hype about canceling Goya yet you’re using it lol.”

“Chrissy Teigan used GOYA hahaha freaking hypocrite”

“@chrissyteigen is this you making some oxtail stew with @GoyaFoods beans?”