Chris Wallace says Trump Missing “Cultural Shift” and “Runs the Risk of Being Left Behind”

During a recent segment, Fox News host, Chris Wallace argued President Trump is missing a “cultural shift” in the Country and “runs the risk of being left behind.”

Per Mediaite, in speaking with colleague Bill Hemmer, Wallace referenced a Wall Street Journal column from Kimberly Strassel saying the president is only hurting himself and giving his critics ammunition to go after him.

“You’ve got this major cultural shift,” Wallace said. “We don’t know how long it will last, but when you see the NFL, Roger Goodell, flipping on kneeling during the national anthem, more remarkably when you see NASCAR with its roots in the South banning the confederate flag, they think that there’s a real cultural shift going on, and what Kim Strassel was saying — and I agree with her— is that the president doesn’t seem to be reacting to that cultural shift and runs the risk of being left behind and that would be a bad place to be when you’re running for reelection.”

That being said, Wallace also dinged Joe Biden a bit and said there’s a reason he’s “not going to be able to put this race away” so easily.

He said that even though some Democrats won’t say so publicly, “Biden is best when you don’t see him and when he’s not out there conceivably stepping in it.”

You can watch the video here.