Chris Wallace says Barr “playing it by the book” by not disclosing Hunter Biden probe to public

Fox News anchor Chris Wallace has reacted to the bombshell WSJ report that AG Barr knew about the Hunter Biden probe since spring and kept it from public view.


Appearing on “America’s Newsroom,” Wallace said  “I will say that Justice Department guidelines are that the Justice Department does not take any action in the weeks or even months leading up to an investigation — or to an election that would sway that election. So it would seem that Barr was playing it by the book in not doing this.”

He continued “and remember the firestorm when James Comey, the FBI Director, came out first in July of 2016, and while he said that there would be no prosecution of Hillary Clinton for her emails, he kind of roasted her and then I think 11 days before the election he announced the investigation was being reopened because of information that was on Anthony Wiener’s laptop.”

“So, you know, this is one of those situations where the Justice Department or the FBI under the Justice Department says something just before an election they get roasted and if they don’t say something just before the election they get roasted. You can be sure that Donald Trump is not happy today that his attorney general did not release the information that this long investigation since 2018 had been going on while all of the fuss about Hunter Biden was at its zenith during October just days before the election,” Wallace added.

Sharing a link to the story, Laura Ingraham mocked the DOJ as “The Department of Silence.”