Chris Wallace calls out Biden’s “basement strategy” says “I don’t think you can hide from now until Election Day”

Speaking with Fox News radio, Chris Wallace also recently called out Joe Biden for his lack of accessibility and “basement strategy” that he does not think can continue to work.

“So, I’ve been doing Sunday shows with conventions. I started on Meet the Press in 1988. I’ve been doing it on and off, for what? What is that? Thirty two years.” Wallace explained.

“And it always happens that the Sunday before the convention, the campaign puts out top officials to preview the convention and to say this is what we’re gonna try to get accomplished,” he continued

A frustrated Wallace added “So, you know, we’ve been counting all week on, you know, having a top official from the Biden campaign, the campaign manager, the top pollster, the chief strategist, to talk about what they’re going to talk about during this next week. They are not putting anybody out.”

“And this just is of a piece with the the vice president not not doing really any serious interviews, not answering any questions since the rollout. I don’t you know, you can you can try and I understand and has worked pretty well. And he continues to lead with what I’ll call the basement strategy. I don’t think you can hide from now until Election Day. I just I just don’t think it’s possible.” Wallace concluded.

During a recent segment, CNN’s Brian Stelter admitted that Joe Biden’s lack of accessibility to the press for interviews is “increasingly becoming an issue.”

Stelter also acknowledges that President Trump is “very accessible.”