Chris Cuomo’s female producer reportedly begged to leave show, felt “threatened”

According to a new report from Page Six “The female producer of Chris Cuomo’s show “Cuomo Prime Time” begged to leave his show after the pair clashed over “significant differences” — with multiple TV sources saying she found the hot-headed host’s behavior threatening.”

Multiple sources told Page Six Buck felt “threatened.”

Per Page Six:

Melanie Buck was executive producer of “Cuomo Prime Time” from April 2018 but was suddenly replaced by Izzy Povich in March 2020 — shortly before Cuomo melodramatically returned to the world from his basement in the Hamptons following weeks of COVID-19 quarantine.

A CNN insider confirmed Buck went to CNN boss Jeff Zucker and asked to be taken off Cuomo’s show and moved to another department, which he agreed to. The insider denied rumors that Buck was given a significant pay-off to stay silent over her spat with the agitable anchor.

Janice Dean tweeted “This seems pretty awful. How many times does ⁦
@CNN reward this guy?”

This comes just days after Chris Cuomo was accused of sexual harassment by a former colleague.

Journalist Shelley Ross accused Cuomo of sexually harassing her in 2005.