Cuomo Theorizes Trump talked about hydroxychloroquine to distract from news of Pensacola shooter

During a bizarre segment on CNN, host Chris Cuomo theorized without evidence that President Trump may have been talking about taking hydroxychloroquine to distract from the news of the Pensacola shooter being tied to al-Qaeda.

Chris Cuomo:

So our president wants to talk about how strong he is to take hydroxychloroquine because he just does everything he can to make himself strong and make this country strong. And I hope doing whatever he does keeps him strong, science notwithstanding. I know this much, I don’t know that it will help with his health, but it certainly helps to cover up his weaknesses.

Another day that most of the media wouldn’t be pressing him about never dealing in any real way with how we re-open. And he bought a pass today on a bad piece of news that I bet you probably haven’t even heard about. Did you know that the first foreign-directed terror attack since 9/11, foreign-directed, happened on Trump’s watch? We now know the FBI has found an al-Qaeda link to that Pensacola attack last year at the military base. They were able to break the encryption on the attacker’s iPhone.

We knew he was a Saudi military trainee. Remember, it was all put on the Saudis, right? Remember that? It was all put on the Saudis by the Trump Administration. Now we learned he was apparently a longtime associate of al-Qaeda who had communicated with operatives from the group as recently as the night before the shooting. Remember, three U.S. Sailors were killed. Several others wounded.

FBI Director Chris Wray says the Pensacola attack was actually the brutal culmination of years of planning and preparation by a longtime al-Qaeda associate in the Arabian Peninsula. Again, since 9/11, we’ve had plenty of people, lone wolf, foreign inspired, or just, you know, malignant of mind and soul, but no foreign terrorist organization has successfully directed a deadly attack in the U.S., okay?

That’s what we get according to a think tank that studies these things. So, again, you’re not hearing about that today. Why? Because you’re hearing about hydroxychloroquine. You’re not getting pressed by the press to the president about how do we reopen? How do you bring these states together?