Chris Cuomo suggests Biden use inauguration to shame Trump to his face

Wednesday, CNN’s Chris Cuomo, hosting guest Anthony Scaramucci, suggested Joe Biden use his inauguration spotlight to attack Trump.

Trump is not expected to attend Biden’s inauguration, but it is currently an unknown if he will or will not attend.

Cuomo envisioned a scenario where Trump does indeed attend and Biden shames his right to his face.

“If he goes to the inauguration, Biden should point at him and speak to Republicans and say, ‘You deserved better than this,’” Cuomo suggested.

“He has left your party in shambles, I know the GOP. I know Republicans. I know what they’re about at their best, and I will be there for you restoring those virtues. I would point at his ass the whole time,” Cuomo continued.

Cuomo then admitted his fantasy is unlikely to play out, saying “I don’t think Biden will do that because he’s better than I am.

Scaramucci chimed in by saying “I predict he goes, Chris. I don’t see how he misses that. He’s an attention hog. He will try to make it about himself. And so my guess is he’ll end up at the inaugural and he’ll leave a lot of wreckage.”

Watch the video here.