Chris Cuomo Claims Trump Ok With Some Elderly “Dying Off” to Bring Back Economy Sooner

During an emotional rant, CNN’s Chris Cuomo claimed President Trump and his allies are ok with a certain number of people in the older generation “dying off” to bring back the economy sooner.

Chris Cuomo:

We have the most cases in the world. Why? Because we have a big population, there’s lots of density in places, and we have major foreign travel hubs.

But also because we’ve done the least to stop the spread. And in large part, that’s on Trump. He slept on this. He lied about it. And now, he is not doing enough.

The president should say himself what his fringe friends are saying. Have you heard it?

They’re OK with a certain number of the frail and the greatest generation dying off to make the economy come back sooner. Just say it. Because they’re saying it for you, and your actions show the same inclination.


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