Chris Coons tells ACB “I believe the reason you were chosen is precisely because your judicial philosophy…could lead to the outcomes Trump has sought”

Moments ago Democrat Delaware Senator Chris Coons suggested Amy Coney Barrett was not selected for her qualifications but for her judicial philosophy.

Coons said “Judge Barrett, i’m not suggesting you made some secret deal with President Trump, but I believe the reason you were chosen is precisely because your judicial philosophy as repeatedly stated, could lead to the outcomes that President Trump has sought.”


Coons’s Twitter account also tweeted in real-time during his opening statement:

The American people are wondering why the Senate is focused on jamming through a Supreme Court nominee but is not willing to provide the relief their families need.

We are in the midst of a global pandemic. More than 210,000 Americans have died. Seven million could have a new preexisting condition. Tens of millions of Americans are on some form of unemployment.

This is an emergency.

We should be working day and night to deliver relief.

There is no precedent in our nation’s history for the Senate confirming a Supreme Court nominee this close to a presidential election.

My Republican colleagues justified their blockade against Judge Garland by arguing that because it was an election year, the American people should choose the next president and the president should determine the Supreme Court nominee. They should follow their own precedent.

President Trump explicitly promised that anyone he nominated to the Supreme Court would be a vote to overturn the Affordable Care Act.

Just one week after the election, the Supreme Court will hear a case in which the Trump Administration is trying to strike down this landmark law that has expanded health coverage and given pre-existing condition protections to tens of millions of Americans. #WhatsAtStake