Chris Coons endorses Biden, who once tried to kiss his daughter Maggie

Not long after Democrat Senator Chris Coons endorsed Joe Biden, some Trump supporters brought back a viral video from the past where Biden attempted to kiss his then 13 year old daughter Maggie, making for a very awkward moment.

Kambree Nelson tweeted “If Joe Biden had done this to my daughter I would not be endorsing him. Shame on you, Chris Coons.”

Katie Halper wrote “The Senator who’s nominating Biden.”

Alana Stewart replied “Seriously, how does anyone let Biden maul his daughter and look the other way?”

Another Twitter user wrote “Barf. She is so uncomfortable.
He doesn’t care at all.”

“Why did the parents stand there and watch?”

Senator Coons addressed the awkward moment last year and defended Biden.

“All three of my kids have known Joe their whole lives,” Coons told the Washington Post.

He also told the Washington Post his daughter who was 13 at the time “did not think of it as anything.”

Here is Chris Coons’ endorsement from tonight.