Chris Christie won’t rule out challenging Trump in 2024 “I would not rule it out, Hugh”

Chris Christie, who ran against President Trump in the crowded 2016 GOP field, told Hugh Hewitt he would not rule out challenging Trump in 2024 with his own bid.

Christie told Hewitt “I would not. No. I would not rule it out, Hugh.”

In July Christie also kept the 2024 door open during an interview with the Washington Post, saying  “I certainly wouldn’t foreclose any possibility. Would I consider running? Sure, absolutely.”

Hewitt asked Christie if he already has a Christ Christie 2024 domain name reserved and Christie replied he has ownership of “so we’re going to keep that one, and we’ll see where we go from here.”

Christie has been very outspoken about being against President Trump’s challenges to the November election.

Christie recently told CNN’s Chris Cuomo it’s time to accept Biden won.