Children’s Singer “Raffi” Releases Song about Portland’s “Wall of Moms” decries “Trump cruelty”

Iconic children’s singer Raffi, known for his hits “Baby Beluga” and “Bananaphone” has released a video about the “Wall of Moms” in Portland.

Raffi tweeted the song and wrote “in solidarity with #BlackLivesMattter, a tribute to the heroic protests vs injustice in Portland and elsewhere: an idea that woke me up 3 am, now recorded. thanks to @LinzMunroe (vocals) and Ivan Rosenberg (dobro).”

In the song, Raffi sings “Portland Moms won’t you come out tonight, come out tonight, come out tonight, Portland Moms won’t you come out tonight, by the light of the silvery moon.”

Raffi adds in subsequent tweets:

My first US concert was in Portland, 1981, sold out. fond memories of shared love and music. great town, friendly folk. heartbreaking, the trump cruelty vs #BlackLivesMatter protesters. stay strong

the lovely harmony vocals on this song are @LinzMunroe’s. she’s a fine singer who lives in Massachusetts. her first kids’ album, I Am Kind: Songs For Unique Kids, is a gem. she supports the #PortlandMoms ~ pls give her a follow.

Lindsay Munroe replied:

Thanks, Raffi, It’s always lovely to sing with you- especially on this song. Proud to use my voice to stand in solidarity with #wallofmoms #PortlandMoms #BlackLivesMatter