Cher moved to tears by Biden taking off on Air Force One, says “I’m Smiling & Crying”

Pop legend Cher, who was very outspoken about her dislike for former President Trump clearly feels very differently about the new President.

Friday, Cher commented on President Biden taking off on Air Force One.

Cher write “I’m & Crying” and then added “Thank you God.”

On the same day, Cher tweeted:

Never Told Story,but Swear It’s True. Raised back of hand.Have Touchy Neck So Try Things.1. Night I See Kinda Weird Guy Selling Pillows & Order 1. It Was like Sleeping On Rocks,So I Sent It Back.I Thought I Shouldn’t Say Anything.When I Saw Him with trump Still Kept.Now I Don’t Care”Pillow Sucks”