Cher Invites Backlash After Suggesting Dems Break Rules to Defeat Trump

In yet another bizarrely written and cryptic tweet, far-left entertainment icon Cher appears to worry if America can survive 4 more years of Trump.

In the tweet, she labels Senate Majority leader “Moscow Mitch” and Trump was “Putin’s Choice.”

Finally, Cher advocates breaking rules to beat Trump as she writes “FK playing by rules” and “Whatever Must B Done.”

Some Trump supporters who did not share the same sentiments responded to Cher.

I thought you were moving out of the country if Trump was elected

That’s just it Cher. That’s been the problem with the Democratic Party all along. They haven’t played by the rules for years. They don’t follow the law. They are corrupt and the people are disgusted with it. So we elected Trump. To drain the swamp and get all the snakes out

Libs be crazy. Wasn’t Cher moving to Canada? All this said while she is secure in her compound with a fence and most likely armed security. Hypocrisy at its finest.