Cher Claims Trump “Kills Americans Without a Thought” for “Adulation at Rallies”

In one of her recent bizarre tweets against President Trump, singer Cher writes:

trump Cares Nothing About Our Vets,Our Country,Ppl Who Are Dying of Covid,Ppl From Black Lives Matter,Kids He Keeps [locked] In Cages,Nurses,& Drs Who Are Dying Because He Wont Protect Them,HE KILLS AMERICANS WITHOUT A THOUGHT,HE KILLS 4 ADULATION AT RALLIES.

Some of Cher’s followers agreed.
Samatha replied “Exactly Cher, He needs to leave now! About time he wore a mask! He shouldn’t be opening the country up & forcing schools to open, he should be closing things down, it’s not safe! I know it’s getting worse for you I’ve seen it on the news. Please take care & stay safe We love you”
Dianne  replied “Can’t believe he was actually allowed to be our president.”
However, some also countered Cher.
One Twitter user wrote “Says Hollywood… who’s opinion means nothing.”
Another wrote “You seem bitter.”