Cher Claims “for Trump my mom and I are Dispensable”

In one her latest of her many anti-Trump tweets, performer Cher claimed that for President Trump her and her mom “are dispensable.”

Cher tweeted:

For trump my mom & I Are Dispensable,Fodder For His InHumane Grist Mill.Well I HAVE Worked From1965 To 2020 & Perhaps I’m beyond HIS Sell By Date. As 4 Mom..all she does is make everybody Laugh..yes we’re Obviously The Ones Who should be sacrificed.For donald trumps Economy

One of Cher’s fans replied:

Please, stay safe Cher. When this is over, your concerts will be a happiness boost for LOADS of people, and those people will be there to boost your happiness in return. Now take good care of yourself. Sending love to you and your mom

Another wrote:

Just remember, if you were over 55 in nazi Germany, you were deemed too old to be useful. We all know the horrific events that followed. Trump is no different

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