Cheney argues Stefanik should be “ashamed” for putting blame on Pelosi for Jan. 6th Riot

Tuesday,GOP Conference Chair Elise Stefanik said “The American people should know that Nancy Pelosi bears responsibility as the Speaker of the House for the tragedy that occurred on January 6th.”

Appearing on CNN, Rep. Liz Cheney argued Stefanik Should Be “ashamed” for putting blame on Pelosi for the January 6th Capitol riot.

CNN’s Jake Tapper asked Cheney “What’s your reaction when you hear them try to blame Pelosi for an insurrection incited and inspired and even directed in some ways by Donald Trump?”

Cheney replied “If I were saying the things that you just played, I’d be deeply ashamed of myself. What happened is absolutely clear. We had, as we heard this morning, just intolerable cruelty. A mob that was assembled by President Trump, was provoked by him.”

“He lit the flame for what happened, she continued. “We’ve seen that not just in the speech on the ellipse but throughout. What this committee needs to understand is exactly what the details were of the planning and the financing. But for anybody to be suggesting that somehow he wasn’t responsible, I think it’s shameful.”