Chelsea Handler “If you think hate wins, and murder is reasonable, vote Republican”

Comedian Chelsea Handler recently shared her provocative view of what Republicans represent.

Handler wrote:

The more racist the right becomes, the more radical we become. The more intolerant the right becomes, the more intolerant we become of you. The more you claim religion, the more you make a fool of religion. If you think hate wins, and murder is reasonable, vote Republican.


Last month, Handler took to Twitter to scold news organizations airing Trump coronavirus briefings and accused them of “helping spread his misinformation.”

Handler tweeted:

I think an ethical and health safety question all news orgs have to ask themselves—Is it responsible to air trump’s briefings every day, when he repeatedly gives Americans false information. We are in a pandemic and you are helping spread his misinformation. You are not Fox.

Last September, Handler sat down with CNN’s Chris Cuomo to discuss her new documentary on “white privilege.”

Handler claims President Trump is the perfect example of “white privilege.”

“He’s the perfect example of white privilege. Let’s keep other people down so we keep winning, so I can keep filling my own pockets. At a certain point if you really want equality, you have to be OK with other people succeeding. That’s what it’s all about. And he and the Republican Party, at this point, are all about no one succeeding except for them.”