Chelsea Handler “If you are scared and fearful” it’s because of Trump “and his supporters who own guns”

In a recent tweet, comedian and talk show host Chelsea Handler blamed Trump and “his supporters who own guns” of people being “scared and fearful.”

Handler also had a direct message for people who are thinking about their taxes that “a vote for Trump is a vote for white supremacy.”

Recently the NRA, tweeted quite an opposing view.

They wrote “If Joe Biden wins, he will destroy our Second Amendment, and America will become unrecognizable.

They also tweeted “I don’t carry a gun to take life. I carry a gun to defend life.”

Monday, Handler had a new message, writing “equality does not mean something is being taken away from you. It means when we are all equal, we all benefit, and we all win.”

Just a day earlier Handler had called for banning President Trump from Twitter.