Chelsea Handler goes off on how much better things are now than a year ago under Trump

In a 7-party tweet thread, host Chelsea Handler went off on how much better she believes things are under President Biden than they were a year ago under Trump.

March 2020 VS. March 2021: A Thread…

(1) We had a white supremacist in the White House. Vs. We have the most diverse cabinet in the history of the United States.

(2) We had a Vice President who believed in conversion therapy. Vs. We have the first female Vice President in history, who understands that being gay is not a choice.

(3) Jared Kushner was advising foreign policy. Vs. No one named Jared Kushner is advising foreign policy.

(4) We were just learning about Covid-19 and living in fear. Vs. There are three vaccines for Covid-19.

(5) I had a crush on Andrew Cuomo. Vs. I no longer have a crush on Andrew Cuomo.

(6) Reparations was a radical notion and a dirty word. Vs. A reparations bill is now in our legislature waiting to be passed. # HR 40

(7) Some things haven’t changed since last March, but a lot have. Mitch McConnell is still an a**hole.